About us

We are Raphaela Stipsits and Gerhard Hofer, currently living in Vienna, Austria, and we love to ask (philosophical) questions and to take photographs. We often engage in discussions and find that topics can be viewed from numerous perspectives. The discussion process thus enables us to develop further and make our lives authentic. We want to share the thoughts we have with you. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments with us. Please use the comment function to do so!

About Raphaela

She has a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and is now studying Ethics for Teachers and Professionals at the University of Vienna. The training she chose certainly refers to her passion to think about ethical issues and how people should deal with each other, also entering the field of psychology. Furthermore she likes to paint, during which she trains the ability to express her feelings visually. Tranquility she gains while enjoying the gifts of nature, gazing at the stars, watching the ocean, petting a dog or driving on the endless roads in the Southwest of the United States.

About Gerhard

He graduated as Chemical Engineer at the Vienna University of Technology and then did his doctorate at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. His doctoral thesis is available for download here. During an educational leave he currently studies Philosophy at the University of Vienna. In his free time he likes to photograph the different things that life offers as well as sewing. He also finds the connection of philosophy and psychology intriguing, which he seeks to combine with his technical background and skills.